High Temperature Conveyor Belt

We have a wide range of silicon coated & fiber glass or PTFE coated conveyor belts for high temp. Color white, brown or black available according to user application. These belts provide excellent release properties, high dielectric strength, wear and flexing resistance. The operating temperature range is from -50°c to +260°c. The odorless, non-toxic, and

Teflon Mesh Conveyor Belts are also available which is highly applicable for Dryers, Heat Tunnel, UV Curing machines, Garment Industry, Glass printing, Shrink wrap machines, Automobile and other industries. Teflon Mesh Conveyor Belts are available with bull nose joint & alligator joint.

Teflon Coated & other Conveyor Belts constructed with buttons are supplied for better tracking properties in various industry & application.