Timing Belt

Timing Belts are highly used in Power transmission and conveying applications. Cost effective, less noisy and durable these timing belts are an effective replacement of noisy chain drives, Geared Drive and V Belt drives. Timing Belts doesn’t require lubrication hence its maintenance free and able to deal with storm stress. Replacement of Timing Belts is

PU Timing Belt has high performance transmission. These PU Belts has high intensive and low extension adoptive modules. These Timing Belts reinforced with Steel wire Or with Aramid Cord , contains polyurethane on both side upper and lower surfaces. These belts are available as open-end, Endless(Joined) and truly endless (molded endless) kind.

These belts are made by polyurethane & have a coating of polyamide fabric on both faces or on tooted face for low drag, protect against wear and reduce noise.

Round belts made by Polyurethane & available in various types like hardness, colors withn rough/ smooth surfaces, from 2 mm to 25 mm diameter as per customer requirements.